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Liberty Awaits

New album “Liberty Awaits” out now!

Watch Liberty Awaits (Official Music Video)

Dearest Troublemakers!

We care deeply about our planet and the generations to come. That’s why we also want our merch to be as ecologically sustainable as possible and we are hosting our store with renewable energy. All items are sustainably and fairly produced, traded and refined and our textiles come without synthetic fibers.

Shipping is also plastic-free  with environmentally friendly packaging. By donating to the environmental protection projects of PlantNOW e.V. we want to give something back to our nature. This is how we make our small contribution to environmental and climate protection and reduce our ecological footprint.

This is also the reason why the price for some items and for long distance shipping is a bit higher. However, you can shop here with a better conscience.

For all items a minimum price is given – if it is worth more to you, or you want to support us even more, you can set your own price!

Thank you for your support!

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To reduce cultural barriers, The Trouble Notes have made it their mission to create their own cultural universe. Their self-described “Acoustic Dance Music” is a unique blend of the genre that sits at the crossroads of the raw energy and organic instrumentation of Folk music and the modern sounds of contemporary rock, roots music, and new-age electronica. It’s a sound informed by The Trouble Notes travels. The band spreads its message by building bridges across musical cultures in their own unique way.

Liberty Awaits (Official Music Video)


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