Sustainable full-service merchandising and more

Buy it, wear it, throw it away – not with us! We are breaking new ground to push forward sustainable merchandising. From design and production to shipping, we combine ecological, economic and social sustainability.

We are also happy to support and advise you on your sustainable transformation.

We look forward to walking this path together!

Our services

Our approach is holistic. That’s why our solutions offer you more than just merchandising.

Whether special productions, finishing, tour service, fulfillment or development, creation and maintenance of your webshop – we have the right offer for everyone.

We are also pleased to advise you on further sustainability strategies.

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  • Sustainable products and production

    • Consistently sustainable merchandise – from the concept to the final product
    • Special productions “made in Europe” even in small quantities
    • We carefully select our production partners according to strict sustainability criteria
  • Consulting, conception and planning

    • Individual concepts customized to your needs, for your collection and/or your live merchandising
    • Planning your web store and possible sales channels
    • Creating sales projections and analyses to optimize your merchandise purchases and sales
  • Full Service Merchandising

    • The complete package for your merchandising on tour, at your festival / event or online
    • International touring made easy – we take care of importing and exporting goods, customs clearance, subsequent deliveries, etc.
    • Print@Show and other live events as well as individual concepts
  • Online store and other channels

    • Set-up and maintenance of your online store, also bilingual in German and English
    • Easy connection to your social media channels through individual product feeds, e.g. for Facebook and Instagram Shopping or for the Google Merchant Center
    • Integration of additional sales channels through multichannel retail system
    • Pre-orders & bundles
    • Name-your-price option – your fans choose the price for selected products themselves
    • Target marketing and acquisition of existing customers
    • On demand, we can take over the complete development, creation and maintenance of your website and integrate store, ticketing and more.
    • Of course, we host all websites and stores with 100% renewable energy sources.
  • Photography and design

    • Professional product photography
    • Photorealistic mockup creation for your store and for product planning
    • Design creation for your products
  • Sustainability consulting

    • Sustainability advice (not only) for your merchandising
    • Climate accounting and development of sustainability strategies with qualified partners
    • Donation generation and processing for holistic climate and environmental protection

Consistently sustainable and without greenwashing

You won’t find supposedly sustainable solutions, such as textiles made from recycled PET bottles or ocean plastic. Recycled plastics are responsible for the creation and spread of microplastics and therefore have no place in textiles. Instead, we concentrate on the use of 100% ecologically responsible materials and finishing options that can be returned to the ecological cycle after use.

Did you know that plastics in textiles are one of the biggest sources of microplastics worldwide?

Social Plastic

Recycled plastics in textiles are often advertised as sustainable and environmentally friendly. However, washing synthetic fibres releases between 80 and 400 tons of microplastics into the environment – every year and from German washing machines alone. This is one reason why we consistently avoid synthetic fibers.

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Where possible, we also avoid new productions and focus on a sustainable circular economy: with limited special editions made from second-hand goods, on-demand screen printing campaigns and re- and upcycling concepts. When selecting newly produced items, we attach great importance to quality and select our products according to strict sustainability criteria. We pay attention not only to the relevant certifications for fair working conditions and environmentally friendly production (GOTS, Fair Wear Foundation, Fairtrade) and to the use of certified organic natural fibers, but also to local partners

We ship orders from our store completely plastic-free and use environmentally friendly shipping materials made from recycled paper and compostable materials.

For every parcel sent, between €0.10 and €2.00 and up to 10% of the net sales of a product are used to offset environmental and climate protection projects. For each parcel sent, between €0.10 and €2.00 and up to 10% of the net sales of a product go towards environmental and climate protection projects. In 2021, we founded the non-profit climate and environmental protection association PlantNow e.V. for this purpose.

We are happy to advise you personally on the selection of products and concepts for your merch.

Our products

Here are some examples from our product range:

  • Classic Textile Merch

    • Sustainable blanks and environmentally friendly finishing
    • Plastic-free labels, patches and finishes
    • Special textile productions “made in Europe” from 500 pieces upwards
  • Printed products

    • High-quality screen-printed posters made from recycled and upcycled materials
  • Upcycling Products

    • The possibilities are almost endless: merch deadstock, drumsticks, skateboards, vinyl, banners…you name it, we upcycle it!
  • Customized Product Development

    • DIY merch, immaterial merch, upcycling, recycling, special products,….Developed with you and for you.
    • Non-material Merchandise
  • Donation Generation through Product Sales

    • Let part of the proceeds flow into climate and environmental protection projects that do more than just “plant trees”
    • Transparent processing and awarding of seals via the non-profit organization PlantNOW e.V.
    • Mediation of further opportunities to contribute to climate and environmental protection (fan forest projects, ticketing cooperations, etc.)


About 14

Miriam Gruber

Co-CEO & Founder


Miriam is one of the founders of SUSTAIN. She has been involved in event management and merchandising for many years – most recently as head of a merchandising agency. On tour she met René and the idea for SUSTAIN was born. 


René is the second founder of SUSTAIN. He has been in the event industry since 2001. As a sound engineer, producer, composer and also as a photographer. He came to merchandising through product photography and through Miriam. Together, the two decided they wanted to make the culture and events industry more sustainable.

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René Plichta

Co-CEO & Founder

About 16

Nina Mosen

Merchandising & Tour-Management


Nina is SUSTAIN’s mainstay in Hamburg. She handles tour, staffing and travel planning. Nina is a merchandiser with heart and soul and is at home in the industry like no other.

Any questions?

We will be happy to answer them in a personal conversation!