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Sustainable merchandising – but without greenwashing, please

It is in the nature of things that we consume resources and impact our environment through our consumption. In the merchandising and event sector in particular, ecologically sustainable action is often not easy. That’s why we want to break new ground to push forward the transformation in this area.

You won’t find supposedly sustainable solutions, such as textiles made from recycled PET bottles or ocean plastic. We learn more every day and are not afraid to change concepts – because pioneering work also involves questioning ourselves and improving. So nothing is set in stone for us and the course is constantly being set anew in the direction of sustainability.

Our focus is clearly on ecological sustainability, without losing sight of economic and social aspects. Our shipping is completely plastic-free and we only use environmentally friendly shipping materials made from grass paper, recycled paper and compostable materials. Wherever possible, we avoid new productions, choose our products very consciously and generate donations – partly from product sales and from shipping costs. To create resources, improve working conditions and thus give something back to our environment where we have to take something from it. Thus, for each parcel sent, between €0.10 and €2.00 and up to 10% of the net sales of a product flow into environmental and climate protection projects.

Here, we do not focus on planting trees for advertising purposes. Planting trees is one thing, but ensuring that they are preserved is another. We deliberately do not advertise with slogans such as “every T-shirt plants a tree”. Sustainable climate protection means more than planting trees – that’s why we donate to projects with a holistic approach and founded the non-profit climate and environmental protection association PlantNOW e.V. for this purpose in 2021.

Offsetting, however, is not the solution. First and foremost, it’s about reducing our resource consumption and CO2 emissions – everyone has a responsibility here. Without a fundamental rethink, we will not succeed in becoming climate neutral. Aligning this with merchandising is no easy task. We are ready for this and accept the challenge and are happy if you want to go this way with us.

Our services

Our approach is holistic and therefore our solutions go beyond merchandising.

Whether special productions, finishing, tour support, fulfillment – also combined with further sustainability consulting – we have a suitable solution for everyone.

We provide:

  • Merchandise

    • Consistently sustainable merchandise as well as special productions from conception to finished product, whether textile, non-textile or non-material.
  • Fulfillment

    • Setup and operation of your online store including logistics, shipping, billing and dunning
    • Hosting and order processing are done with renewable energies
    • Easy integration with your social media channels – Facebook and Instagram Shopping, Google Merchant Center, etc.
    • Integration of further sales channels possible through multichannel ERP
  • Conception

    • Individual concepts, specially adapted to your needs, are the basis for sustainable merchandising
  • Live-Merchandising

    • The complete package for your merchandising on tour or at your event – including purchasing, logistics, staff, individual live concepts.
    • Print@Show and other live merch actions
  • Photography and Graphics

    • Professional product photography and photo-realistic mockup creation for your store
    • Design creation for your products
  • Sustainability consulting

    • Sustainability advice (not only) for your merchandising
    • Climate accounting
    • Donation raising and processing for holistic climate and environmental protection.

Our products

Fast fashion – buy, wear, throw away – not with us!

Everything that does not have to be produced anew conserves resources and thus reduces the environmental impact. Where possible, we therefore completely avoid the use of newly produced goods. With limited special editions made from second hand goods, on demand screen printing specials and re- and upcycling concepts we focus on a sustainable circular economy.

In the selection of newly produced items, we attach great importance to quality. Of course, we pay attention to the relevant certifications for fair working conditions and environmentally friendly production (GOTS, Fair Wear Foundation, Fairtrade) and the use of certified organic natural fibers. However, we do not want to rely purely on this and, when selecting products, we also rely on the knowledge we have gained and common sense.

For example, on the subject of recycled plastics in textiles. These are often advertised as sustainable and environmentally friendly. However, between 80 and 400 tons of microplastics are released into the environment by washing synthetic fibers – annually and from German washing machines alone (source: UBA). That’s why we consistently avoid synthetic fibers. Globally, synthetic fibers in textiles are among the largest contributors to microplastics.

Our tip: Solutions away from classic textile merchandise and intangible merchandise will become increasingly important in the future.

We are happy to advise you personally on the selection of products and concepts for your merch.

Among other things we offer:

  • Classic Textile Merch

    • Sustainable blanks and environmentally friendly finishing
    • Prevention of microplastics (without synthetic fiber components)
    • Textile special productions “Made in Europe” already starting from 500 pieces
    • Finishing without polyester yarn
    • Plastic free labels and patches
  • Printed products

    • High quality silkscreen posters made from a wide variety of recycled and upcycled materials.
    • Many things can be printed – see “Upcycling products”.
  • Upcycling Products

    • the possibilities are almost endless: merch deadstock, drumsticks, skateboards, vinyl, banners…. almost everything can be given a new life and saves new productions.
  • Non-material Merchandise

    • We will be happy to advise you individually
  • Customized Product Development

    • DIY merch, intangible merch, upcycling-, recycling-, special-productions. Everything with us is developed for you and with you.
  • Donation Generation through Product Sales

    • Allow a percentage of the proceeds to go to climate and environmental projects that do more than “plant trees.”
    • Transparent processing and awarding of seals via PlantNOW e.V.


About 14

Miriam Gruber

Co-CEO & Founder


Miriam is one of the founders of SUSTAIN. She has been involved in event management and merchandising for many years – most recently as head of a merchandising agency. On tour she met René and the idea for SUSTAIN was born. 


René is the second founder of SUSTAIN. He has been in the event industry since 2001. As a sound engineer, producer, composer and also as a photographer. He came to merchandising through product photography and through Miriam. Together, the two decided they wanted to make the culture and events industry more sustainable.

About 15

René Plichta

Co-CEO & Founder

About 16

Nina Mosen

Merchandising & Tour-Management


Nina is the Berlin mainstay of SUSTAIN. She handles tour, staffing and travel planning. Nina is a merchandiser with heart and soul and is at home in the industry like no other. 

Any questions?

We will be happy to answer them in a personal conversation!